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If you want to visit the Guggenheim collection and you do not know where to stay, we have the solution for you: cheap and convenient.

The Peggy Guggenheim collection is Italy's most important collection of American and European art in the first half of 1900. In addition to the Guggenheim collection staff, the Gianni Mattioli collections, temporary exhibitions and beautiful garden of Nasher sculptures. The museum is housed in the only unfinished palace in Venice, the Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, purchased by Guggenheim to create the largest museum on modern art from the 1950s.
The palace is designed in the mid-18th century by the architect Lorenzo Boschetti (the author of the San Barnaba facade) for the Venier family. The original project included a building that summed up the various lessons of Palladio and Longhena, the two architects who had left their mark on the city, with their large facades, respectively Renaissance and Baroque. However, the ambitious project remained visibly unfinished: in fact, the financial problems of the Venier family caused Palazzo Venier to be built only in the ground floor.At the Correr Museum you can see a wooden model of what would have been the palace in its completeness. According to tradition there are two different hypotheses about the incompleteness of the palace: one is that the corner of Ca 'Granda Corner, a powerful family that owned the homonymous palace, fearing the darkening of the landscape they enjoyed from their own home, did so that the building was not realized; According to the other tradition, the heirs of the Venier family, having the testamentary bond of the deceased father to build the new palace, but not having the wealth to do it, resolved the issue through the compromise of starting the construction as by will but not to carry it out (something not specified on the cards)In the first decades of the twentieth century belonged to Luisa Casati, who was soon forced to sell it in 1948 to Peggy Guggenheim.

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